Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

Seth Jones(middle) as a kid wearing a Colorado Avalanche jersey. (Denver Post)

Seth Jones(middle) as a kid wearing a Colorado Avalanche jersey. (Denver Post)

  • Are the Colorado Avalanche going to pass on drafting Seth Jones, the kid who grew up and learned to play hockey in Denver? Apparently so says Vice-President of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic, “If we do pick first, we’re leaning more toward one of those three forwards.” This of course assuming they retain the pick. They still might trade it. (The Globe and Mail)
  • What if the Chicago Blackhawks were Super Smash Bros.? Pressing question, I know, but hear me out. Who would be who? Well, Toews would be Mario, of course. Kane would be Link. Sharp would be Mega Man. Keith and Seabrook as Sonic and Tails takes the cake for me. Fun with Photoshop! (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • If the Stanley Cup were a human, no one would ever touch it. Sure, it’s been in pools, showers, and beds. But it’s also been in rivers and “golden showers”(Google it. On second thought, don’t). It’s partied with Kid Rock, and had everything from cereal and dog food to raw clams and oysters in its chalice. Also a baby was in there. And also Kris Draper’s daughter pooped in it. What a life. (espnW)

  • Calgary was recently hit really hard by floods. The Saddledome(home of the Flames) has been flooded and the damage is substantial  The water has made its way up to Row 14, destroying championship photos and flooding the luxury boxes. Thoughts are with those in the area. (Sportsnet)
  • The Stars and Hurricanes revealed new jerseys earlier this month. Could more be on the way? The answer is an astounding yes as the Sabres, Flames, Wild, Canadiens, Penguins, AND Sharks are all expected to unveil some type of change or alteration to their current home, road, or alternate jersey. Everyone is searching for a new look. Even the NHLPA busted out a new logo. (Icethetics)
  • The Jonathan Bernier Sweeptakes are heating up. Wait, did I just say that? At one point there were 12 teams interested in Bernier(RFA)’s services. That has been dropped down to 3 teams; the Flyers, Maple Leafs, and Wild. The Kings are expected to take the best offer presented. I understand Philly and Minnesota, but why is Toronto interested? Oh, because they’re Toronto. James Reimer gets no love. (Sporting News)
  • Whether you like it or not, hybrid icing is coming to the NHL. Maybe. On Wednesday, NHLPA special assistant Mathieu Schneider told reporters if the preseason hybrid icing test goes well, the league is prepared to implement it for regular season play. (NBC Sports)
  • Former Canucks head coach, Alain Vigneault has officially signed on to coach the New York Rangers and former Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff will do the same for the Dallas Stars. (New York Rangers / Dallas Stars)
  • Speaking of the Canucks, John Tortorella is expected to be named the new Vancouver Canucks head coach. He’s made three trips to Van City recently and as always in the NHL, where there is smoke, there is likely a fire. There’s a classless “Sedins-fire crotch” joke in there somewhere. But it’s classless. (ESPN)
  • According to TSN reports, Predators GM David Poile will be building Team USA for next year’s Sochi Olympics. Next up is the head coach. Penguins coach Dan Bylsma, Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, and Canucks(?) coach John Tortorella are all thought to be high on the list of potential candidates. (Puck Daddy)
  • The Ottawa Senators are getting a new name… for their arena!! Bye-bye, Scotiabank Place!! Hello, Canadian Tire Centre!! It’s better than the SAP Center. Again, sorry Sharks. (Ottawa Senators)


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