Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

If you ever wondered what Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin would look like as crack addicts... (@Wampa3 On Twitter)

If you ever wondered what Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin would look like as crack addicts… (@Wampa3 on Twitter)

  • Last night during the intermission of the Penguins/Flyers game, noted-asshat Mike Milbury compared Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin to… you guessed it, crack addicts. Yep, crack addicts. But he meant it in a good way. (Puck Daddy)
  • Lindy Ruff has been fired as Buffalo Sabres head coach. I’m not really too surprised, but its Lindy, so I’m still surprised. Ron Rolston(AHL affiliate head coach) will take over on the interim basis. (Buffalo Sabres)
  • There are teams with crappy home jerseys. In addition, those same teams have awesome alternate jerseys. Here are 5 teams should use their alternates as their permanent home jersey. (Puck Daddy)

  • Bruce Boudreau is always good for soundbite. Though famous for ones that only involve f-bombs. In this interview, he talks about his Anaheim Ducks’ hot start, his thoughts on Alex Ovechkin, and his favorite wrestling move. No, really, Boudreau is a big wrestling fan. Cool. (Puck Daddy)
  • After getting burned by Matt Duchene on a clear offside goal, Chris Mason has reopened the debate for a coaches challenge. I can’t say I’m against it. (SportsNet)
  • Brian Burke has been hired as a part-time pro scout for the Anaheim Ducks. (Anaheim Ducks)
  • Evander Kane would like to clarify his “because I’m black” comment from last week. Apparently, he only meant the stuff said about him on SOCIAL MEDIA is because he’s black. Yeah. Okay. Right. (NBC Sports)
  • Winnipeg Jet Zach Redmond was cut by a skate at practice. There was a “large pool of blood on the ice” and an ambulance was called to the scene. He is expected to be okay. Matt Cooke could not be reached for comment. (Sporting News)
  • On Sunday in a AHL game, Falcons forward Wade MacLeod took a hit against the boards and soon after collapsed and suffered a seizure on the ice. The game was stopped and he was taken to a hospital. Though he was released from the hospital on Monday, he’s apparently not out of the woods as doctors have found a “benign mass” in his brain that will require further examination. Scary situation. Wish him the best. (Springfield Falcons)
  • I guess Buffalo Sabre Christian Ehrhoff and “Winner” Charlie Sheen had a minor Twitter scuffle because Ehrhoff screened goalie Ryan Miller on the Penguins’ game-winning goal on Sunday. I’m no expert on matters pertaining to Charlie Sheen, but I’m gonna guess that’s a beef you don’t want. But apparently they settled their differences before any “tiger blood” was spilled. hehehe. I’ll see myself out… (Buffalo News)
  • VIDEO: Have you ever seen a hockey player deke and dangle has way through an entire defense, coming in contact with all 5 opposing players on the ice, and score a pretty goal? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Pavel Datsyuk vs.  the Nashville Predators. (YouTube)


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