Tip Ins: The Matt Cooke-Erik Karlsson Incident

Posted: February 14, 2013 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

Erik Karlsson's immediate reaction to Matt Cooke stepping on his leg. Man. (Associated Press)

Erik Karlsson’s immediate reaction to Matt Cooke stepping on his leg. Man, this sucks. (Associated Press)

  • In last night’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senator, Matt Cooke and Erik Karlsson went into a corner to battle for a puck. Unfortunately, when Cooke went to pin Karlsson to the boards, he stepped on and lacerated Karlsson’s achilles. Karlsson will be out for the remainder of the season. Question is, was there malicious intent, or are people just making a fuss because its Matt Cooke? (SB Nation)
  • I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of funny fan signs at hockey games. Well, Puck Daddy brings you 23 of hockey’s weirdest and most inappropriate fan signs. Thank you, Puck Daddy for piecing this together. Its a goldmine. (Puck Daddy)
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets made history Tuesday when they hired the league’s first European general manager, Finland’s Jarmo Kekalainen. This guy is no rookie in a high management position. He was the assistant GM in Finland for the team Jokerit and he pretty much drafted both the St. Louis Blues and the Ottawa Senators starting line ups. Good luck. (SportsNet)

  • The NHL and NHLPA are heading back to the boardroom. But this isn’t CBA-related, so we really don’t care as much. Realignment is the topic of discussion. Its being reported that there were only minor “tweaks” made from the realignment setup from December 2011. (ESPN)
  • Evander Kane thinks people treat him a certain way because he’s black. No, seriously. That’s what he said. (NBC Sports)
  • Sharks GM Doug Wilson, among others, want to make goalies pads smaller. But unlike most people who have a problem with something, he actually plans to do something about it at the next NHL GM meetings in March. Well, try to do something about it. I hope he fails. Go goalies! (Yahoo Sports)
  • I have a jersey leak to announce: There is a Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic jersey being circulated around the interwebz. (Icethetics)
  • Since its Valentine’s Day, here are a couple NHL Valentines. (Days of Yorr)
  • Here’s a fun and lengthy read here, if you’re a Sidney Crosby fan. In this exclusive interview he talked about player safety, the Olympics, the lockout, and what he did during his time out with concussion issues. (The Globe And Mail)
  • VIDEO: Martin Brodeur. Great Goalie. Gold Medalist. 3x Stanley Cup Champion. Not the best dancer though. Stay in the net! (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: You remember that goal Alex Ovechkin scored sliding on his back all those years ago? Yea, well a little kid just did it. Further proof that it wasn’t that impressive… I’m kidding. (YouTube)


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