New Buyout Rules, GameCenter/Center Ice, Other Notes

Posted: January 16, 2013 by Lamar Lester in News, Transactions
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The NHL and NHLPA have been doing a lot of agreeing lately. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement allowed two compliance(amnesty) buyouts per team beginning next summer. However, that has slightly changed.

Recently, the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens have asked Wade Redden and Scott Gomez not to attend training camp this year with the intent of buying them out this offseason. They were sent home do to fear of injury. Injured players are unable to be bought out. Their respective teams feel that it is too big of a risk to have them play.

As a show of good-faith to players, the NHL has agreed to accelerate buyouts to this season. This way Redden and Gomez could be bought out this year, giving them the ability to sign a deal to play for another team.

Buying out these players now does nothing to help the teams. They will still have to pay these players 100% of their salary and their cap hit for this season will remain the same. For players with multiple years remaining on their contracts, the remaining years will be bought out in two-thirds or one-third increments. It is a good gesture to the players being bought out because it allows them to continue their careers as opposed to sitting at home for the balance of the season.

All buyouts must be completed this week and are only able to be used on players with a cap hit of more than $3 million. Teams planning to buy out players must put said player on waivers no later than Thursday. Before the buyout can be made official, the player must give written consent by Friday.

Teams that opt to use one of their buyouts now will still have the option to buy out a second player next offseason. This is not an additional buyout.

Other Notes:

  • Today the New Jersey Devils gave Travis Zajac a contract extension of 8 years, worth $46 million which carries a $5.75M cap hit. He also has a full no-trade clause(NTC).
  • NHL GameCenter LIVE will be available for a special price of $49.99 for the 2012-13 NHL regular season. For NHL Center Ice, DirecTV will be offering the service for four payments of $14.99.
  • AHL – Hybrid icing in the AHL is done for now. The AHL is choosing to discontinue hybrid icing for now to make the AHL game consistent with the NHL now that the lockout is over.
  • Rule Change – There will now been a penalty for touching the puck with a hand to win a faceoff. Also, players will be penalized for grabbing an opponent’s visor.
  • Training Camp – Teams have until 3pm Friday to finalize their regular season rosters.


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