Players Vote In Favor Of Disclaimer Option

Posted: December 21, 2012 by Lamar Lester in News
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Earlier this week, the NHLPA began voting to give the Executive Board the power to file a disclaimer of interest. By doing so it would dissolve the union. The polls were open throughout the week, and closed at noon today. Though the NHLPA won’t be making putting out an official press release on the results of the matter, there have been leaks that the players have voted in favor of the disclaimer.

From the NHLPA:

“We will not be making any sort of public announcement concerning this internal NHLPA matter.”

Nothing has changed yet as the NHLPA is still intact. However with the passing of this motion, the NHLPA will have until January 2nd, 2013 to disclaim interest.

If the NHLPA opts to disclaim, it will give the players the legal ability to file anti-trust lawsuits against the NHL due to lack of representation during a labor dispute. If this were to actually go to court, which many don’t believe it will, the players could receive three times the amount of money they’ve lost during the lockout.

On Monday, Bill Daly and Steve Fehr both expressed interest in getting back to negotiating table. They’ve even had a few short phone calls. On Thursday, both sides said they would be available to meet on Christmas. As of 2pm today, no meetings have been planned and none are expected. Also, today is Day 97 of the NHL lockout.


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